Close your eyes & open your mind.

Innovation for the Blind, formerly known as The Institute for the Blind, is situated in the care capital town of South Africa, Worcester, and is a non-profit organisation that caters for the all-inclusive, specialised needs of visually impaired persons of all ages.  Our mission is to empower persons who are blind, partially sighted or deafblind, including visually impaired persons with additional disabilities by means of education, training, development, employment and care towards a fulfilled life and complete citizenship.

Innovation for the Blind’s goal is to ensure that our visually impaired residents are empowered to reach their full potential, become independent citizens in the community and to create a public awareness of their unimaginable potential. Blind people in the modern world are often unseen, invisible to a sighted society, while in actual fact the blind have unlimited potential.

Innovation for the Blind has for over 135 years succeeded in building up a strong infrastructure and skills base to address every aspect of visual disability, and thanks to friends and co-workers such as KWV and its partner Bravo Design, our vision to let the blind lead has taken an innovative step with the development of a unique wine packaging concept where new depths of sensory appreciation can be unleashed – The Blind Tasting Wine Brand.

The perception of a good quality product is defined by a combination of all our senses.  If you removed one of them, it will change and influence your perception.  The best way to make an honest assessment about wine is to close your eyes and open your mind.  Visual deprivation heightens your sense of smell and taste to a level beyond compare and allows you to formulate an unbiased opinion.


Not only will this exclusive wine brand create an awareness of the unlimited potential of the blind, but over the long term also become a scalable source of income for Kaleidoscope.   The unique awareness bracelet decorating the wine bottle neck, threaded by our partially sighted multi-disabled residents.

Innovation for the Blind, together with its friends and partners, can change how the world sees the blind and how the blind see the world.  All it takes is a change of perspective.   And that is why we are endlessly grateful for indispensable partners such as KWV and Bravo Design who, together with us, believe that everyone, regardless of disability, has a rightful place in society.

So, take the challenge and enter a world where senses are enhanced and taste opens itself to new perceptions.  Close your eyes, open your mind and savour the blind tasting sensation with friends while, for a moment, experiencing a blind persons reality.

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